Building African Companies Into Global Enterprises






Pembroke College

Oxford University

United Kingdom

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What is Africa@Scale?

Africa@SCALE is an event curated by Africa Foresight Group to discuss the scaling of African companies into global multinationals.

Africa@SCALE brings together capital investors, high growth African companies as well as policy experts to explore the opportunities and challenges of building global enterprises on the continent.

This forum presents a rare opportunity to connect investors seeking opportunities in Africa with companies and thought leaders whose values are aligned with the growth of African markets and economies.

Why you should attend

This event is recommended for:

Business Leaders

Executives of African organisations in relevant industries primed for multi-national growth

Investment Experts

Investment professionals with a concrete understanding of the dynamic African investment landscape

Policy Professionals

Thought leaders with focus on creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive

Insights & Outcomes

At the end of the conference, you will have the knowledge to:

Solicit investment capital to scale your company

Identify investment ready African companies primed for high growth and expansion

Develop relevant policy recommendations tailored to the everyday needs of African business

Featured speakers

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